The Current Buzz:

Sept 1, 2011


Marquette, MI -- Rhys Mussman, the entrepreneur behind the very successful restaurant, conference and music venue Upfront & Company and President of MoonSun Pictures, has confirmed today that MoonSun Pictures will not produce the independent feature presently entitled "Meteor" during 2011. "Meteor" was originally scheduled to film this month, with a majority of principal photography taking place in and around Marquette.

Mussman made it clear that this change of plans does not alter his vision for bringing very high level independent film productions to the area. Mussman said: "One of my principal goals in creating the MoonSun Pictures production banner is to showcase the amazing city of Marquette and the incredible local and regional talent, and, whether we proceed with "Meteor" or another special film which can benefit from these great resources, we want to take the time we feel is necessary to put the very best elements in place to insure the success of this first project."

MoonSun Pictures' new plan is to film a feature in Marquette during July and August of 2012, and the company has already identified some highly qualified individuals to join the production team. In the coming months, the company will issue new press releases detailing its progress including future casting and recruiting sessions in Marquette and Los Angeles, and those interested in joining the production team are encouraged to continue to submit resumes via email only to